An analysis of the life and biography of anna mae bullock tina turner an american singer

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Tina Turner

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Watch video · R&B singer Tina Turner is the American singer and actress who topped the pop charts in the '80s, and whose passionate voice and life are both 'River Deep, Mountain High.' Learn more at Anna Mae Bullock's life changed forever when Ike Turner, the lead singer of a popular St.

Louis band, brought her on stage and handed her a microphone. Ike knew he'd found a star, and after Anna recorded the song "A Fool in Love," Ike changed her name on the record to Tina Turner. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph. What's Love Got to Do with It is a American biographical film directed by Brian Gibson, loosely based on the life of American-born singer Tina Turner.

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Tennessee, Anna Mae Bullock (Tina's birth name) grows up in an unhappy family.

An analysis of the life and biography of anna mae bullock tina turner an american singer
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